Scooter Rider Takes Revenge on Driver Using a Baseball Bat

Let's take a wild jump from handguns in Russian traffic to Asian baseball bats: pretty wacko road rage is on, and things are really looking bad. Such a scene can turn out some pretty nasty results, from an all-out street fight to cars running motorists over, maces and firearms and all.
First off, we cannot see why is the scooter so mad at the car driver: well, he did cut the motorist off, but there was a decent brake, no spills and nothing really dangerous. Some verbal abuse could have been enough, seriously.

On the other hand, the car driver's reaction lack of reaction is extremely funny: it's not like 100 ninjas sprung out of the scooter storage attacking the car and leaving the driver paralyzed in fear. He could back off a bit the moment the bat came out, and simply drive away around the mad motorist.

Now he's a mirror and windscreen short and even if his insurance would cover for the damage, we still wonder why wait to have your car smashed?
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