Russian Drifter Tears Up St. Petersburg Streets in His Monster Supra

We've discussed the Russian motorsport scene on multiple occasions, but while many of those had to do with drag racing, we are now here to discuss sideways matters.
Russian Drifter Tears Up St. Petersburg Streets In His Monster Supra 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
And when one of the country's top pro drifters manages to pull a massive PR stunt and gets his car out on public roads, you'll want to check it out.

We're talking about Sergey Kabargin, who has taken Russia's flag to many top-tier international drifting competitions. The man managed to drift his Supra all over St. Petersburg, as you'll be able to see in the piece of footage below.

According to the man's crew, this is a first in Russia and we're thrilled to see the authorities cooperating in terms of tire-melting moments.

During his sliding stint, Sergey reached delicious slip angles, while covering up the St. Petersburg streets in smoke. Then again, the two achievements go hand in hand.

The shenanigan enjoyed a hefty audience, with tons of people getting together to see the drifter going at it in the urban scenery. And don't imagine that the "civilian" cars, which were parked on the side of the road, were all removed.

Oh no. This was a genuine setup and we have to admit we're on our toes here. After all, what better way to promote drifting, which used to be considered less than a sport until a few years ago, if not getting it out there on the street, where people can reach it?

As with any motorsport form, the confinement of the track has serious audience-limiting effects. However, this form of sliding might encourage more than a few drivers to try their hand at street drifting without having half the city closed for this purpose. Which is why the clip starts with a disclaimer everybody should pay close attention to.

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