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Romain Grosjean Banned from Italian GP - Apologizes for Spa Incident

The main event of Sunday’s F1 Grand Prix, held on the Belgian track at Spa Francochamps was the early crash which took four drivers out of the race in an instant. Grosjean has been ‘suspended’ from participating in the upcoming Italian Grand Prix at Monza. He was also fined €50,000, as if the ban was not sufficient.

However, showing remorse after the race, Grosjean said "I judged the gap to Hamilton poorly. A small error but with big consequences [. . .] I apologise and I’m glad that no one was hurt [. . .] It’s time to put a stop to it [. . .] Some, like today, have been my fault, others not. I hope to not make any more mistakes in the remaining races."

One of the drivers implicated in the crash, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, who was taken to the hospital afterward said "Everything is alright, the pain only comes from the whiplash [. . .] I am not angry with Grosjean, he definitely didn’t do it on purpose," despite the fact that the Frenchman’s car came extremely close to his cockpit opening and could have broken his neck with extreme ease - thankfully, the Spaniard is OK, having suffered very minor injuries.

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