Rented Toyota GT 86 Hits the Wall at Nurburgring

If you feel the need for speed and don’t have the right car for the job, there are certain companies out there that for a moderate amount of cash will lend you a car to have fun on the track.
Toyota GT 86 Hitting the Wall 1 photo
The idea seems to suit both the firms and their clients, as they will race the vehicles to their absolute limits just because it's not theirs, and on the other hand, the renting companies will get loads of money due to people frequently crashing their vehicles.

A perfect example for such a mutual satisfaction is perfectly depicted in the video bellow, in which we can see a dare-devil driver pushing a Toyota GT 86 so hard in a corner on the Nurburgring that he lost it, crossed the sand area and hit the protection wall on the side of the track.

The car belongs to Rent Race Car, a local car rental company that provides performance vehicles for clients who wants to feel an adrenaline rush on the Nordscleife. Prices to go around the track in a GT 86 start from €399 ($520), and the insurance that can cover an accident can go up to €6,000 ($7,821).


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