Rapper The Game Has a New Rolls Royce Ghost

Honestly, it's hard to tell if these rappers really have a limitless bank account or they know somebody from a rental car company. But since they're all wholesome members of society and would never lie to us, we'll take their word at face value… for now.
The Game's Rolls 1 photo
Famous rapper The Game has developed a bit o a car fetish, a British one at that. Last time we checked up on him, he had customised his Bentley Continental GT coupe with a bright paintjob and a body kit.

But that's not the only cool Brit in his garage, apparently. This sparkly new Rolls Royce Ghost saloon just popped up on his Instagram account. It appears to have just been delivered and hasn't even gotten its license plates yet. Late Christmas gift perhaps?

The Game already had a red Ghost in his garage, but this doesn't look to be a repainted car. So let's add up the cars: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Camaro, at least three Bentleys, a Porsche Panamera and Maybach if we're not mistaken. Now that's a car collection!

The Game, if you're listening, let us tell you about the Rolls Royce Wraith. It's a Ghost coupe with 600 hp that's coming this year. Order it, you'll love it!

Story via Celebrity Cars Blog


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