Pro Drifter Chris Forsberg Gets Tasered Behind the Wheel

Drifting requires a big amount of brain effort to be able to make the car harmoniously slide around the track. Still, do this for more than a couple of years and you might be able to perform such maneuvers in any conditions... like while being electrocuted.
Chris Forsberg Gets Tasered Behind the Wheel 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Yep, in a short recently released video, pro drifter Chris Forsberg gets his concentration skills checked by a friend named Tony Angelo and another little guy - a taser that can put out thousands of volts.

In case you never used or saw a taser, this diabolic device uses electrical current to disrupt voluntary muscle control. Basically it will electrocute you and involuntary contract your muscles. It uses a low amperage and a higher voltage to achieve the effect without being lethal (well, that’s relative if the victim has heart problems or not) and can be carried around without a permit in most states for self defense.

Back to our video now, how do you think the driver coped with electric shocks being applied to his right hand, leg and torso? Did he manage to keep the car drifting or failed miserably and ended up on the field? We’re not gonna spoil the fun, so go check the video to see what happens.

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