Porsche Issues Precautionary Recall of 918 Spyder

A mistake in the original parts catalog for the Porsche 918 Spyder has led to a recall of the hybrid hypercar.
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Final Porsche 918 Spyder Leaves the Assembly LineFinal Porsche 918 Spyder Leaves the Assembly LineFinal Porsche 918 Spyder Leaves the Assembly Line
According to Porsche, the printed document unwittingly transposed the locations for the screws which tighten the seat belt mount and the belt reel mount. Since those screws are one-time-use only, and are also not the same, technicians who had to work on them might have unintentionally installed the wrong screw in the wrong position.

Because of this mishap in the original parts catalog, which has since been corrected, there is a risk of some Porsche 918 Spyder models having wrong screws fitted to their seatbelt mounts and seat belt reel mounts.

As Porsche North America explains in a press release that targets the matter, there is a risk that the seat belt system might be impaired in the event of an accident. The campaign is a voluntary action which does not target a manufacturing fault, but a potential problem that has been discovered after internal analysis.

Porsche has decided to recall all of the 918 Spyder vehicles to check the fastening screws on the seat belt mount and the belt reel. Upon the result of the examination, Porsche will replace the screws described above fort the models which have suffered from this potential problem.

The German automaker has not mentioned any known injuries or fatalities related to the problem. The recall campaign started by Porsche has been classified as a safety-related recall, so that the car maker will contact all owners of the 918 Spyder and invite them to authorized dealers to perform the check.

Porsche has not specified whether the issue affects only the 918 Spyder models sold in the USA, or if this recall campaign will target the entire production run of its hybrid hypercar. The Porsche 918 Spyder has been recalled before, making this action the fourth to focus on the German contender of the Ferrari LaFerrari.

The previous recalls for the 918 Spyder focused on the rear control arms, as well as other suspension components. The third recall only affected 223 units, which were sold in North America and had a carbon-fiber part which could damage the harness of the radiator fan.

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