Polaris Single-Seat RZR Patent Filed, How About Building It?

Polaris is rumored to be working on a single-seat version of their acclaimed RZR machines, or at least this is what we get as we take a look at the photos has found delving deep under piles of paperwork.
Polaris Single-Seat RZR 6 photos
Polaris Single-Seat RZRPolaris Single-Seat RZRPolaris Single-Seat RZRPolaris Single-Seat RZRPolaris Single-Seat RZR
Now, simply having filed a patent does not provide any guarantee that Polaris would surface such a vehicle. However, taking a look back in the past few years, we've seen Polaris on an all-out war with the competition, and it included Victory and Indian Motorcycles, as well.

The patented machine looks quite compact and we can figure out such a beats would be a blast to ride, as we'd expect it to be light and very nervous.

The aforementioned source speculates that Polaris' big-bore engines will most likely not fit in the restrictive chassis of such a machine, and we might see a half-liter-class power unit moving the single-seater, if it ever makes it into production.

While riding solo on wild trails aboard such a machine is definitely cool, it remains to be seen whether such an endeavor would pay off for Polaris.

In case they decide to bring this into dealerships, then it's to be believed Polaris found a niche which could be profitable and are willing to take the risk. Just as when it comes to off-road riding, fate favors the bold, they say...

Follow this link to read more on Polaris' patent.



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