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Opel Greets Germany's NEMP

The National Electric Mobility Platform (NEMP) born today in Berlin was welcomed by most carmakers in the country and especially by Opel, the manufacturer which in 2009 needed the government's help to survive the crisis.

Opel released a statement today praising Chancellor Angela Merkel's and her government's decision to put one million electric vehicles on the roads by 2020. The summit on e-mobility hosted today in Germany's capital is only the beginning of a what will perhaps become the first and most fervent national effort to implement electric vehicles.

“The automotive industry has been very busy developing a range of technical solutions for e-mobility. As governments support and push this strategic direction, there is a need to kick start the technology in order to quickly generate volume and economies of scale – indispensable for a fast and comprehensive introduction for the benefit of our environment," Nick Reilly, Opel's CEO said in a statement.

"That could be done through incentivizing the purchase of an electric automobile, for example, or via taxation policies. If we are serious about this matter, the new technology needs to be accessible to everyone.”

The program set in motion on Monday and whose full details will be disclosed later today calls for funding for carmakers and related businesses and facilities (other then incentives) offered to EV owners, all with the goal of making Germany the leader of the international electric mobility market.


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