More Rumors About Turbocharged ZX Ninja and Hayabusa Machines

Kawasaki and Suzuki are rumored to start manufacturing turbocharged motorcycles that would make it into the worldwide markets as 2017 models. It’s not the first rumor that sees Japanese manufacturers thinking about adding turbo to some of their top sport machines, but until more solid info surfaces, we’re only taking these with a grain of salt.
Generic image of a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa 1 photo
Photo: YouTube capture
Kawasaki is rumored to prepare a ZX-11R with turbo induction, while Suzuki's Hayabusa is said to get closer to 1400cc and also receive a turbocharger. The new Kawasaki machine, as scooped/rumored by the Japanese mag Young Machine, is a downsized version of the ZZR, but with a vile character thanks to its turbo.

As for the Hayabusa, the model is already a benchmark in the segment, and it's hard to tell where the numbers could go. Needless to say, the power figures would go well north of 200 hp, with the hungriest power-mongers speculating that 300 horsies could be the new standard in this niche.

If such bikes arrive, it looks like the 200 hp informal agreement will be clearly through

After Kawasaki showed their two supercharged Ninja machines in 2014, more rumors about other forced-induction machines started emerging. Even though the road-legal Kawasaki Ninja H2 comes with a price tag that makes it an exclusive, premium bike only few can afford, it looks like the customers are more than numerous enough to keep the assembly plants busy.

The same goes for the track-only Ninja H2R. Despite the fact that Kawasaki announced the H2R as a limited-run machine, new orders have been taken, showing that the market has a real lucrative potential even for such motorcycles.

Whether the same recipe will turn out to be as profitable for other models and more manufacturers is a thing only time can tell, but it looks like there might be a much stronger market for such motorcycles.

It sounds like the informal gentlemen's agreement that sees 200hp as the "line of decency" might not stand for too long if Akashi and Hamamatsu indeed take the bold step and go turbo with their superbikes.

As to whether this is a good direction or not, it's perhaps too early to make a call, but the speed addicts will most likely welcome such machines.
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