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Riding your bike straight into a cow is one of the really nasty crash scenarios when it comes to two wheels. When it comes to animals and motorcycles, things already look dismal, but in the case of cows, the consequences can sometimes be dramatic.
Not a a very pretty sight, is it? 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
The very act of riding at a certain speed and crashing is enough to put a bad ending to the two-wheeled fun, but cows unfortunately also have horns. I don’t know exactly how many motorcyclists die each year because of critical wound caused by the animals’ horns, but I can tell you this is not a Final Destination scenario.

Presuming a rider misses the deadly horns, the height and weight of the cow make it a very nasty obstacle. Riding a motorcycle and running into a smaller animal can of course lead to a spill, but the world has seen a lot of motorcyclists able to remain upright after such an encounter. Well, it’s not the case when cows, deer, horses and other large animals are added into the equation. A cow would act like a wall of flesh, almost inert and able to deal a lot of damage to both bike and rider.

Now, the crash in the video below could have been avoided, maybe. I mean, animals should be prevented from entering such areas where bikers roam, but the track only seems like an improvised playground. Knowing that the area is not well-protected against animals should have been a warning for the riders, especially as one of the cows can be seen quite well from a distance.

The rider can be seen walking away from the crash site, if visibly shaken and slightly limping, while the unfortunate animal is still lying in the middle of the dirt track. And when you think this looks like the happier ending of a nice riding day turned bad…

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