Mitsuoka Reveals Jaguar Replica

Mitsuoka HimikoMitsuoka HimikoMitsuoka HimikoMitsuoka HimikoMitsuoka HimikoMitsuoka Himiko
Mitsuoka, made another car, but you don't have to close your eyes on this one, because it looks surprisingly... there I say it... beautiful.

The new car is called the Mitsuoka Himiko is based on the Mazda MX-5, which is good, but the most shocking thing is that you can see this vehicle without having to turn the lights on. It isn't horrid, or bad looking, and all that we can say is that it looks civilized, beautiful and classic.

We can see where they had the inspiration from, because if you check out Morgan's website, or Jaguar's earlier models(hint: Jaguar xk120) you can find the same sort of car with bigger engines. The Mitsuoka uses the MX-5 chassis, interior engines and folding hardtop, and that means only one thing: it's reliable.

Enough about the outside lets take a look at the inside. We have a stock MX-5 interior and under the hood, its 2.0-liter fourbanger is good for either for 160 or 168hp while being coupled to a six speed gearbox. The cost: $50,000 but only if you live in Japan and want to feel British while driving an Asian car. Production is scheduled to start sometime in 2009.

Mitsuoka is a Japanese coachbuilder that creates automobiles resembling British vehicles from the 1950's and 1960's. Their first car was the Orochi, an automobile that looks like an ugly fish and takes its name after the mythical Yamatano Orochi 8-headed Japanese dragon.

Other models include the Nouera, a skinny E-class look-a-like, the Galue, a Rolls Royce replica and the Viewt, a car that reminds us of the Jaguar Mark II.
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