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Michael Schumacher - World's Second Richest Sportsperson

Michael Schumacher is officially the world’s second-highest paid sportsperson. He trails American golfer, Tiger Woods, by $43(€33) million with a total earnings-spree of $823 (€631) million to Tiger Woods’ $869 (€667) million.
Michael Schumacher 1 photo
Other sports-related people have also earned considerable sums of money, namely Michael Jordan with $517 (€396) million and David Beckham with $258 (€198) million. But Schumacher trumps these figures with ease.

When it comes to F1, he has a substantial lead over Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, both of which earning in the region of $160 (€122)million each, and Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button with half of Alonso and Button’s earnings.

Despite the whole idea of one person having so much money and power being repulsive, in the case of Michael, we can make an exception as he’s truly a special and unique figure in F1 and in sports in general.


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