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Mercedes to Showcase Driver Assistance Systems

Car-to-car communication systems seem to be that unique technology that could help car manufacturers reduce the number of deadly accidents and prevent violent crashes. While Honda, Nissan and a couple of other companies already launched such systems, Mercedes-Benz preferred to focus on a more advanced technology due to release at the 15th ITS World Congress.

Simply referred to as “driver assistance systems”, the Mercedes-Benz service offers a wide range of features, starting with basic exchange of information between vehicles regarding traffic conditions and ending with myCOMAND, the world's first Internet-based in-vehicle infotainment system.

One of the most innovative features of the newly-designed system is surely the preventing of unintentional running of red lights which is entirely based on the VII (Vehicle Infrastructure Integration) capable traffic lights and on the camera-based traffic light recognition.

Basically, the driver is warned every time the vehicle gets closer to a red traffic light and, in case he does not react, the system launches a visual and an audio notification. If there's still no reaction from the driver, the service automatically starts an emergency braking maneuver, “whereby the driver can still overrule the system at any time,” as Mercedes explained in a press statement.

“The combination of a camera-based recognition feature and DSRC makes the system robust and immune to erroneous information. The braking maneuver is engaged only if the camera and the DSRC system have both determined the presence of a red traffic light. Such redundancy makes for greater safety and prevents the system from being triggered by mistake.”

On the other hand, MyCOMAND is said to be one of the most advanced infotainment systems ever developed, with Internet connection required for proper use. “It offers a preview of the vehicle telematics systems of the future. MyCOMAND uses the Web to continually update all data and information, which it makes available through a single interface,” Mercedes said.


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