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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio Rendered In Base-Spec Version, Comes from Parallel Universe

Folks, let's take a break from what's happening right now prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show and use the rendering you see above to let our hair down for a moment.
Base Spec Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio 1 photo
Indeed, it's a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio you see there, but not one that the German carmaker will actually build. So if you're wondering what's with the high level of black plastic cladding and the cheap wheel covers, the answer comes from Pixel Land.

X-Tomi Design created this abomination, but it's not the first time we've seen a luxurious model rendered as if it was as poor as a church mouse. And if your memory is letting you down right now, here's a base-spec Ferrari 488 GTB and the new 2016 Audi A4 wearing a lot of plastic, along with steel rims.

Now, in real-life, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio can't be had with an engine that's less powerful than 455 horsepower. We're talking about the S500 here, the only option available at launch, besides the Affalterbach-imbued Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet, which offers 585 horsepower and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) courtesy of a 5.5-liter V8.

So, what should the base-spec Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabrio use to take its limited-budged clients from A to B? Well, we think the 1.5-liter dCi mill developed by Renault should do the trick here, although we're not sure it will be able to move the almost 2,000-kilos (4,409 lbs) convertible with ease. Maybe on the Moon or Mars, in low gravity conditions.

Lucky for us, customers and Mercedes-Benz, what you see in the rendering will not morph into a real-life model. But who knows, maybe in a parallel universe wealthy people are driving base-spec Mercedes-Benz cars while ordinary folks get around in their Dacia Sandero and Logan supercars. Sounds crazy, but that's what we get by simply looking at the rendering. What's your take on it?


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