Mercedes-AMG Four-Way Battle: C63 Estate vs. GT vs. S63 Coupe vs CLS63 Shooting Brake

We'll be honest with you guys. Back in December 2014, Mercedes sent us a 2015 calendar that contains their most gorgeous modern cars. It's currently the middle of August, but none of us turned the page since March. That's when a yellow AMG GT with black wheels took center stage.
Mercedes-AMG Four-Way Battle: C63 Estate vs. GT vs. S63 Coupe vs CLS63 Shooting Brake 1 photo
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The coupe is drop-dead gorgeous, and we love it to bits, even though we'll miss the gullwing doors of the old SLS. Today, we have the pleasure of seeing it and some of the other AMG rockets going up against each other in a fight to the death.

Auto Express's editor Rebecca Chaplin got behind the wheel of four desirable German machines, each with its own personality. The aim of this next video is to review all of them in just four minutes. Impossible? Yes, but entertaining nonetheless.

The C63 goes first and it's an estate model in the S trim, which means 510 PS are going to the rear wheels from the same 4-liter twin-turbo installed in the AMG GT S. However, while the coupe is designed for the selfish millionaire, the body of this C-Class has room for Ikea furniture or a whole litter of labradors.

After going on and on about the beauty of the yellow coupe, this female reviewer moves on to the CLS 63 S Shooting Brake. The platform underneath this car is getting quite old, but the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine delivers 175 more horsepower than the 4L. In essence, this is an E-Class wagon that's been made to look more elegant and stylish. There's even some wooden decking in the boot!

Finally, we have the S63 Coupe, which is the car every rapper, basketball player and celebrity wants to own. It replaces the old CL 63 AMG and looks spectacular from every angle, but don't expect it to deliver the same sensations as a sportscar does.

The weird thing is that both the S-Class and CLS Shooting Brake would have been much faster with a 4Matic all-wheel drive system. This feature is not available in Britain or any other right-hand drive market.

Overall, we didn't enjoy this review very much. How can you have these four monsters together on the same track and not organize a drag race? Plus, a few of the facts mentioned in the video are wrong, such as the combined £300,000 price tag.

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