Loeb Expects Competitive S2000 Car

The future of the World Rally Championship doesn't sound very bad. Despite Subaru and Suzuki announcing their retirement from the sport in mid-December, the introduction of Super 2000 machineries starting 2010 may prove to be the solution for saving the sport from going bankrupt. And Sebastien Loeb seems to be the first driver to reckon that, despite his repugnance towards the idea in the first place.

“Firstly, it won't be the same Super 2000 as we see now, it will be different cars. I don't like normal Super 2000 but it's a big difference between the Super 2000 we see at the moment and the one we will have,” said Loeb in an interview to

“At the moment, Super 2000 doesn't have any torque and so it's not nice to see in the hairpins, it's very slow. But we will have turbos so it's much more horsepower than this S2000 - it's nearly a hundred horsepower difference, that's a lot.”

“If it's done correctly with the turbo, we shouldn't lose much horsepower and maybe it can be a good car and still interesting for the spectators, we will see. f it will reduce the cost a lot and help manufacturers to come into the game, with more drivers, it can be a good thing,” added the 5-time world champion.

The introduction of S2000 cars in the WRC will more than likely bring back some manufacturers in 2010. Peugeot are already rumored to step into the series with a newly-developed S2000-based car, while Subaru are considered to have taken the year off in order to start over from scratch – and focus on setting up the new car in 2008 – two years from now.

There are currently only 2 manufacturers that have confirmed their presence in next year's WRC, Citroen and Ford. Subaru will continue to provide independent teams with 2008-spec cars next year.
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