Landing Gear Technology Helps Disabled Riders Remain Upright at Slow Speed

Here is one good piece of news for all the disabled and bad-legged riders out there, an add-on for their bikes which can really make their lives easier and allow them to have a better experience on two wheels. While some of the riders with leg problems or even missing legs will go for a trike, some are still dreaming to ride on two wheels.
Landing Gear Technology Helps Disabled Riders 1 photo
However, the slower one rides a bike, the less stable it becomes, with the vehicle requiring assistance and support when halted. Needless to say, a rider with no legs will need someone to keep his or her bike straight when coming to a stop, and this is where this “landing gear” comes in handy.
Rider-activated deployment saves the day
The motorcycle landing gear is a set of two wheels which are permanently attached to the motorcycle, but which can be lowered or retracted on demand. The deployment of these wheels which are very similar to the training wheels attached to a kid’s bike is effortless, and is made by simply flicking a handlebar-mounted switch or pressing a button.

When stopped, the bike is very stable, allowing a rider to easily get in the saddle, and allowing assistants accompanying riders with no feet to help them on the bike without someone holding it, and without using box stands.

As the first gear is engaged and the rider pulls the throttle, the bike will start to move and become easier to balance, making the wheels no longer needed. Flick the switch and the wheels retract, and you’re on a casual bike. The leaning angle is not reduced, so you can go carve the canyons. Slowing down to the point where the bike becomes unstable? Find your parking spot, deploy your amazing landing gear and you’re in for a smooth touchdown.

This is one more reason because we love engineers! Hope to see this system making it past the prototype stage!


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