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Lambo Aventador-Based Mansory Carbonado Is a Carbon Dream

Providing us with the purest version of automotive filth, German tuner Mansory has created a unique Lamborghini Aventador covered in carbon fiber. Since we've mentioned the exclusivity, we'll tell you there's actually going to be six of these, though you're probably never going to see two of of them in the same place at once.
Mansory Carbonado 7 photos
Mansory CarbonadoMansory CarbonadoMansory CarbonadoMansory CarbonadoMansory CarbonadoMansory Carbonado
Even though the Masory Carbonado, as the Aventador is now called, is as special to look at as a Victoria's Secret model, that's not even the most important part. The V12 engine an Aventador comes with normally makes 700 HP, but this one has been tuned to perfection and produces 1,250 HP. The extra power is thanks to two turbos, custom connecting rods, pistons, rod bearings, cylinder head and crankshaft.

Masory say this translates into standard sprint times of just 2.6 seconds and a new top speed of 236 mph (380 km/h).

As if making a whole car from carbon fiber wasn't enough, Mansory has also changed the bumpers, widened the benders,created extra creases for the doors and added a rear wing.

There's no official pricing yet for this Geneva-bound monster, but knowing the sort of crazy stuff Mansory does, we wouldn't be surprised if it's a cool €1 million. Still Lamborghini has more rich fans than a millipede has legs, and they should have no problem selling it.


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