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Kim Kardashian Pulled Over for Blacked Out Windows on Her SUV

Tinted windows are a tricky business. The law says you can't have them, but you can actually buy light tint from the manufacturers or go all-black and risk having a non-friendly conversation with a policeman.
Kim K in ger G63 1 photo
Just the other day, Kim Kardashian was pulled over by a police officer in Calabasas, California due to her blacked out SUV, TMZ reports. Kim's G63 AMG used to be white, one of the first to be delivered in the US, until the guys over at Platinum Motorsports gave it this sinister look.

As is usually the case with these things, the policeman gave her a warning and sent her on her way. Will she learn her lesson and have the tint taken off for good? Not likely.

In other Kim Kardashian news, yesterday she got a blood facial… using her own blood even. In fact, she might have been coming back from that very spa treatment when she was pulled over.


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