Jeep Wrangler Modified by MC Customs Is a Weird Beast You Secretly Almost Love

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MC Customs Jeep WranglerMC Customs Jeep WranglerMC Customs Jeep WranglerMC Customs Jeep WranglerMC Customs Jeep WranglerMC Customs Jeep WranglerMC Customs Jeep Wrangler
Tuned cars can lead to a wide range of reactions depending on whom you ask and, more importantly, who’s around that person when you're dropping the question.
This MC Customs modified Jeep Wrangler is one of those vehicles you will never openly admit to liking, since that would make you look like a douchebag, but one that you would secretly love to drive.

In case you missed it, this is me not admitting I would like to drive this very cold-looking Wrangler. Right before I start roasting it.

MC Customs is the self-proclaimed top vehicle customization shop in Miami, Florida, and looking at the things these guys have done over the years, it’s hard not to take their word for it. This Jeep Wrangler makes no exception. I mean, you don’t even have to like it to appreciate the work put into it.

Showing up with this car at an off-road event - no matter how capable it may be - will instantly make you look like the guy dressed in white from head to toe. You know who I’m talking about - the guy who’s so desperately screaming for attention that everybody’s ignoring him on purpose. And you don’t want to be that guy.

But there’s a way to avoid all this, and it doesn’t imply any further (major) modifications. All this car needs in order to look absolutely stunning (and a lot more manly at the same time) is a new paintjob and a different set of wheels. Actually, the wheels can stay as long as they get repainted into ONE SINGLE color.

Speaking of the wheels, they’re 24-inch Vellanos (yes, those wheel arches have been chopped off for a reason), and it’s safe to assume their designer wasn’t thinking about a Jeep when he created them.

Now, I guess we all agree this car, as a whole, is a bit tasteless. But let’s make use of our imagination for a moment and try to look at it differently. Imagine the body was painted in that military sand color used on the Humvees. Imagine it also dropped some of the excessive accessories. And, for the final blow, imagine the wheels were in the same color as the body and a different, more utilitarian design. Also, imagine they were wrapped in AT tires.

So, if anybody came to you offering this car as a gift, don’t say “no.” One respray and a set of new wheels and tires later you’ll be the proud owner of a very beautiful off-road machine. Oh, crap, I’ve forgotten about the interior... Nevermind, just say “no.”

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