Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding a Harley in the New Terminator Genisys Action Movie? – Video

Is Schwarzenegger riding a Harley in Terminator - Genisys? 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
July will bring a new part in the Terminator saga, Genisys, and it will of course star the man who had a major contribution to the stellar success of the first movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger. A motorcycle fan then and no less a bike enthusiast Schwarzenegger, 67, will also be present in the middle of the action, with certain scenes having him ride a motorcycle, of course.
In a way, this whole business harks back to the Fat Boy he rode in the big hit Terminator 2 - Judgement Day. Still, the Genisys episode seems to have an overdose of CGI, and sort of lack the brutal realism of the old movie.

Fact is, it’s not going to be good-old Arnold stunt riding the bike on top of school buses, you can bet on it. Some even say that the whole scene is a virtual mock-up of a real stunt involving a real bus, bike and rider. At least now, in the absence of authentic information from the movie makers themselves, we are kind of torn between the two possibilities.

On one hand, this stunt is possible in real life, so learning that what appears to be another Harley was actually ridden in such conditions would only mean extra credit for the stunt man. On the other hand, computer-generated imagery has become so sophisticated that it can create exceedingly realistic environments and details.

Frankly, having virtual motorcycles starring in movies is in a way like watching cartoons and pretending. In this respect, old movies were much better because they were closer to the real biking world. But until we know more, we’ll let you enjoy the trailer. And yes, the brunette playing Sarah Connor is Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame…

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