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Hyundai Veloster Could Be Axed

Hyundai is currently working to refresh the Veloster coupe, possibly ready by next summer. However, this could very well be the last time money is spent on its development.
VEloster Turbo R 1 photo
Australian publication Go Auto says it's spoken to sources in the company that claim the Veloster could be discontinued after this generation expires. The reason? Bad sales, as just 60,000 units were delivered in 2013, only the second full year of sales for the model. That number seems even lower when you consider the special editions and endorsement deals Hyundai pumped money into. Just last year, Galpin built the Veloster Zombie Survival Machine for Comic-Con, just one of many projects of this kind.

We've heard many negative things about the Hyundai Veloster, but this has to be the first time officials have talked about its discontinuation. As the the smallest and cheapest of Hyundai's sports models, the Veloster was supposed to play a major role, appealing to younger buyers with features like music streaming, special editions and cameo appearances in comic books and pop videos.

The car looks interesting and has plenty of features. So what could possibly be the problem? Well, like most Hyundais, the steering system is far from engaging, which is ok for a normal family car, but not for a MINI rival. Also some consider prices to be a little to steep, especially for something coming from a Korean brand. Over in Europe, prices start at just over €20,000 and for that you only get a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, which can't compete with the 180 hp Ford Fiesta ST that costs about the same.

We're hopeful that the upcoming facelift for the Veloster will fix some of its chassis and powertrain problems. A final decision on its future has not yet been made, so there might yet be a future for the asymmetrical door configuration.


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