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How About an All-Terrain E-Skateboard for a Change?

We’ve seen almost everything from lightweight, highly efficient skateboards to a two-piece e-juiced urban commuter and everything in between. To be honest, we find it quite interesting to go off the road for a change and enjoy a good, old dirt only the lack of bitumen can offer. Fortunately, we managed to come up with one model we haven’t heard of yet, even though it has been around for a while now.
Aluminum All Terrain Electric Skateboard 5 photos
All-Terrain E-SkateboardAll-Terrain E-SkateboardAll-Terrain E-SkateboardAll-Terrain E-Skateboard
Meet the Aluminum All Terrain Electric Skateboard, a sleek electric off-roader that was most likely designed for the hipster few out there. It’s fast while cruising on the road and sturdy once it gets off the comfort zone. Two things make this board different: its aluminum construction and the big pneumatics that will go over almost anything. Massive torque and high speed are offered while a proper B & B “industrial grade” batteries provide an unheard of 15 miles range of flats.

Folks over at E-Glide claim this particular battery delivers an impressive 70 amps of power. Moreover, the .25 inch aluminum deck is laser cut, hydraulically pressed and shaped to provide a ride that is much tighter, smoother, and more integrated than a wooden deck.

The board’s creators promise a 0 to 24 mph reach in five second time, while the weight remains quite big, at 75 lbs. As you probably guessed by now, all this power and strength won’t come cheap as the retail price starts with $1,199 and could go up depending on what optional enhancements you go for.

Assuming you're living in a crowded city, at that price and those specifications, it’s still a lot better than say a trashy second-hand car or even some of the luxury e-bikes currently on the market. Your daily commuter might as well be a BMW i8 in which case there's not a lot left to say...


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