HDT Military Motorcycle Runs on 7 Types of Fuel

2010 M1030-M2 670cc2010 M1030-M2 670cc2010 M1030-M2 670cc2010 M1030-M2 670cc2010 M1030-M2 670cc2010 M1030-M2 670cc
Military vehicles have always been a fascinating subject, as they are not quite the same as an every day commuter. Motorcycles are no exception to that, as two-wheeled vehicles dedicated to army use are certainly intriguing. So is the case with the latest contraption coming from Hayes Diversified Technologies Inc., the M1030-M2 670cc JP8.

If the name sounds complicated, wait until you hear the specs: able to traverse water 2ft deep and with a tank range of over 300 miles, as MCN reports, the M1030-M2 670cc JP8 is the only military motorcycle capable of operating on JP8, JP5, JP4, AVTUR, JET-A1, Diesel and even Biodiesel.

Evolved from HDT’s M1030-M1 originally developed and produced for the U.S. Marines in 2004, the M1030-M2 670cc JP8 uses HDT’s fourth generation heavy fuel motorcycle engine with patent pending MAC-Ci Advanced Multifuel Technology
producing 20% more power over previous generations.

“The 2010 M1030-M2 670cc heavy fuel powered military motorcycle with MAC- Ci Advanced Multifuel Technology has multiple patents pending and represents a breakthrough in military ground vehicle technology,”
HDT brags in a statement.

The M2’s refined chassis with newly engineered swingarm improves handling while its 5 speed transmission and updated suspension enhance ridability. All new high performance illumination including standard IR and blackout lighting improve tactical performance. The company says the updated exhaust system meets more stringent noise and emission regulations while still maintaining peak performance.

The power unit is capable of developing 33 hp and 53 Nm, which allows the army-spec bike to sprint from 0 to 30 mph (53 km/h) in just 3.3 seconds, and keep ongoing until reaching a top speed of 95 mph (152 km/h)

Available in Desert Tan, Military Green or Black color schemes, the M1030-M2 670cc JP8 wears a price tag of $18,500.
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