Harley-Davidson Wind Splitter Windshield Looks A Bit Awkward

Aftermarket parts are supposed to look good, especially when we're talking about the ones displayed in full sight. And since one of the things with great exposure is the windshield, why not making windshields that look great?
Harley-Davidson Wind Splitter Vented 4 photos
Harley-Davidson Wind Splitter Vented
Well, it's functionality which matters, some would say... and be right. But when we're talking Harley-Davidson choppers and large cruisers, maybe it's more about style than the sheer functionality of a bike equipped to hit Mongolia.

The new Wind Splitter Vented windshield for selected Harley-Davidson bikes has been wind tunnel-tested in a facility at the Wichita State University, but no word has been said about the fact that it comes with ana ppaulingly low cool-factor and doesn't match the syle of any bike.

The vent opening ruins absolutely any chance to visually fit any of the selected machines: 994-later Road King, the 2000-later Heritage Softail Classic, and 2000-later Heritage Softail, Fat Boy, Fat Boy Lo and Softail Deluxe.

We won't say that the Vented Wind Splitter is fugly, but we have to admit the vent looks nothing short of a nice-design mailbox opening. And $424,95 (€329.9) is a bit way too steep for it.


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