Gwen Stefani Gets Pinned Inside Her G-Class Mercedes

Gwen Stefani Pinned inside her G 2 photos
Gwen Stefani
The appeal of Mercedes’ G-Wagon is far reaching and long lasting, and, as a result, despite Merc officials wanting to pull the plug on its production several times over its 33 year lifespan, it’s still with us and extremely exclusive and expensive.
The G is hand assembled in Austria, using old fashioned methods (despite the latest car being completely refreshed on the interior, and getting new engines), it’s extremely heavy as a whole, but each part taken separately is heavier than you would expect. For example, you can see Gwen Stefani being pinned between the body of her silver G and the extremely heavy door (this is a fact, for those who know).

Thankfuly, the door isn’t heavy enough to cause serious harm, unless that’s intended and the door is slammed, in which case coconuts would be crushed as if they were made of paper. Anyway, we salute Gwen in her choice of cars, and we hope to see her in the new G65, which only she can afford.

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