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Grand Theft Auto Radio App for Android Auto Receives Highly-Anticipated Update

Not long ago, an Android developer came up with a totally unexpected idea: what if instead of Spotify, Deezer, or a typical music app we could listen to a radio station from Grand Theft Auto V when driving?
Radio stations in GTA V 1 photo
And to make the whole thing happen, he built his very own Grand Theft Auto Radio app that does just that: it allows users to listen to GTA V radio stations in their cars.

While this clearly isn’t the typical music app for Android Auto, it’s certainly something pretty cool, especially for everyone who already played GTA V – as a matter of fact, the number of those playing the game has skyrocketed lately after Epic Games decided to offer it completely free; so if you never played Grand Theft Auto V, just go download the Epic Launcher and get the game right now at no cost.

Going back to the app itself, the developer has recently released a new version that comes with more radio stations because, after all, this is the main purpose of the app in the first place.

Since many people were upset that their favourite stations were missing I worked non-stop to bring you the second (and hopefully last) version,” the developer explains.

Called Grand Theft Radio, the app now includes not only the radio stations that you can listen to when playing GTA V, but also all the other radio stations from the previous game versions. In other words, there are 107 radio stations in there, all of which have been offered by Rockstar Games in GTA I to GTA V.

Just like before, the app isn’t listed in the Google Play Store because of what the developer describes as copyright issues, so you’ll need to install the whole thing manually. You can find all instructions on how to do it, as well as additional information, in the linked reddit discussion.


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