Funny Christmas Harley Commercial Teaches Guys to Be Naughty

Christmas changes with Biker Claus 7 photos
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Harley-Davidson introduces Biker ClausHarley-Davidson introduces Biker ClausHarley-Davidson introduces Biker ClausHarley-Davidson introduces Biker ClausHarley-Davidson introduces Biker ClausHarley-Davidson introduces Biker Claus
They say that Christmas is a magical time of the year, and judging by the latest Harley-Davidson commercial, we are tempted to believe so, too. How much such magic can interfere with the lives of common folks like you and me is still a mystery, but you know how it goes... magic needs a bit of faith.
Harley replaced Santa's reindeer with eight Sportsters, most likely for weight-related issues. More practical fellows like us would also throw in the turning radius factor and the overall agility of these bikes. Having eight Road Glides pulling the sled may cause certain logistics issues at times, provided we're not talking about noise, emissions and all.

Being a badass Santa, H-D's Biker Claus is no longer using the chimney, which seems to be reserved for burning all the presents deemed unworthy of a serious rider. A kick opens the front door and some of the presents become ashes, replaced by others, branded by Harley, including a leather jacket, a t-shirt, a cap, and some boots.

The dream bicycle is also replaced with a Street Glide Special, which also seems to be on offer for this Christmas. Do observe that Biker Claus is wearing fingerless gauntlets and multiple rings. Not sure these are the right gear for winter, but maybe Biker Claus' sled comes with heated reins, right?

No Xmas cheesy BS is a thing we like

This commercial is, again, littered with cliches, but we sort of like it, most likely because it strays from the cheesy truckloads of Xmas BS we're so sick of already.

We'd like to believe that such commercials are maybe the beginning of a new era in Harley's life, even though the conservativeness of the brand and its customers is rather against such a marketing move.

Anyway, this commercial is a big step forward from the Silent Night exhaust notes and other similar things we saw in the past. Burning people's presents is not exactly the safest idea of Christmas fun, but we'll play along this time...

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