Funny and Painful Bike Passenger Fail

Cool can easily turn to "lol" and "auch" in just moments, and the present video is more than enough to prove me right. While riding your motorbike with a passenger around the city is really no big deal if you can refrain yourself form doing all sorts of crazy things, failing to instruct the passenger to sit and hold on to the bike will lead to crashes in 99% of cases.
All it took was a speed bump: the passenger, seemingly already positioned poorly on the bike and even worse, unaware of the road conditions ahead, caused the bike to wheelie out of control in a split second... just enough for a nice laughable crash in the middle of the street and in plain sight.

Since the guys are not wearing helmets, we could say they are lucky to be able to get up, push the bike to the side of the alley and walk away. But the (painful) riding experience has taught us about how does road rash feel, so we just know that their ankles, elbows, knees and all are going to hurt a lot during the next 3 weeks.


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