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Fiat Giving Lancia the Boot!

Lancia Stratos, Lancia Delta Integrale, Lancia 037 and much more – these are things a few of us die-hard car guys still remember about the pinnacle of Italian design and engineering. Unfortunately, more people buy Lancia scale models than actual cars these days, and as a result Fiat bosses are finally calling it quits.
Lancia Ypsilon 1 photo
We really are sad to report the beginning of the end of Lancia. In a recent interview with Italian publication La Repubblica, Marchionne revealed he will be pulling the plug, in a move that’s sure to prove controversial but also justified. "Lancia will become a brand only for the Italian market,” Marchionne says.

The Italy-only lineup will likely only include the Ypsilon. This supermini is actually a brand new car launched in early 2012, but which due to its high prices that rival an Audi A1’s never managed to sell outside of Italy, where it’s incentivized. The car we’ll actually miss is the Delta, an amazing vehicle in 2008 when it was launched and the only car in its class at the time to boast a twin-turbo diesel engine. An update for the 2014 model year was announced at least, so the Delta might survive through 2015.

Beyond that, not even the Ypsilon is safe, as we find it unlikely that they’ll develop another generation. Further up the totem, Fiat is cutting their losses and will immediately stop making the rebadged Chrysler models.

Fiat’s CEO also talked about the future of Alfa Romeo, also a brand that’s been struggling with slow sales outside of Italy. According to Marchionne, our perception of the brand will be completely changed by the announcement of new models in April. Hopefully, we’re getting some decent cars and not long wheelbase sedans for the Chinese market.

Source: Repubblica via Autobild


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