Ferrari FXX K vs. McLaren P1 GTR Track Animals Sound Comparison Is Downright Brutal

The difference between hearing a supermarket champagne being opened and the sound of a Dom Pérignon bottle being poured into your glass. This is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about how extreme machines like the Ferrari FXX K and the McLaren P1 GTR sound when compared to standard supercars such as a 488 or a 650S.
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But which one of these two track-confined animals does the aural trick better? We've brought along a comparison to help you decide.

No, the world hasn't turned upside down (even though we wished it did, at least in this case), so Maranello and Woking are still holding separate customer racing programs. This means that, while both camps were recorded lapping Spa-Francorchamps, they didn't go running together. After all, it did take ages for somebody to be able to race the LaFerrari and the P1 against each other.

Still, now that Mclaren has a customer racing program, Ferrari seems to have less strict rules. For one thing, the carmaker is said to no longer forbid customers from taking the cars home, as it used to do with its previous XX models.

We have to keep in mind that these are the most glamorous track toys money can buy at the moment. After all, the racing versions have only been offered to those who already own the street cars, so you can imagine the stratospheric financial level of the drivers.

Frankly, the internal combustion parts of the two machines couldn't have been more different. While the Mclaren's 3.8-liter displacement may make some question its price tag, the Prancing Horse's naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 will probably bring the soundtrack of choice for many of you.

However, the P1 GTR's turbocharged voice sounds like a battle order being played through a gigantic speaker, so we reckon it stands a pretty good chance of becoming your favorite.

We've even thought of a little experiment that could give you a different perspective on the matter. Once you've spent four minutes of your life watching the footage (it's worth it, trust us), try to head over to the YouTube settings in the lower bar and set the speed to 2x. Listening to these customer racecars on fast forwards might be more interesting than you think.

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