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Ferrari 458 Italia Uses Kreissieg Exhaust to Scream "F1!"

The Ferrari 458 is a beast well hidden beneath a leather and other goodies. Yes, the supercar does come with a lot of premium features, but its main purpose will always be to swallow mile after mile of road abuse. Of course, being a member of the Prancing Horse’s stable, it comes with a distinct sound that can give a grown man goosebumps.

However, there are some which consider that the vehicle’s 4.5-liter V8 needs an even menacing growl. Let’s take the Japanese tuner Kreissieg, for example. The company has developed a custom exhaust system for the 458, which uses special valves to replicate Formula One sounds.

The aftermarket developer installed the exhaust on a 458, put the pedal to the metal and caught the feat on camera. Being willing to share this with the entire world, it posted the footage on YouTube. There you have it, a more or less viral move.

Our exhaust systems have very complicated construction to accomplish best exhaust sound quality. Not only the valve controls the loudness, but our system also has unique muffler construction to produce our own exhaust tone. This is how Kreissieg can achieve its high-pitch exhaust sound that no one else can imitate,” a company statement reads.

We’re inviting you to enjoy the demonic sound waves in the video below. However before you hit the “play” button, we’ll inform you that the system offers 5 levels of audio intensity:
  • Level 1. Stock sound level.
  • Level 2. Sportier sound level.
  • Level 3. A high-pitched tone and loud F-1 sound of Sports muffler.
  • Level 4. A high-pitched tone and very loud F-1 sound of Sports muffler
  • Level 5. A high-pitched tone and very loud real F-1 sound.


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