Faraday Future Prototype's Interior Teased in "Gravity Defying" Video

Faraday Future interior teased 7 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Faraday Future interior teasedFaraday Future interior teasedFaraday Future interior teasedFaraday Future interior teasedFaraday Future interior teasedFaraday Future interior teased
Faraday Future's teasers were starting to get a little predictable: the same footage of the camouflaged car in the desert, the same dark images revealing only details and the same drag races against its closest competitors.
The company has been extremely active in its campaign - maybe even a little too much so - leading to the reveal of its first car. The electric vehicle is expected to step into the light at next month's CES in Las Vegas, and Faraday Future really wants us to be excited about it.

Judging by what the company has said and shown so far, we have every reason to. The actual car - believed to be a crossover the same size as a Model X - looks promising, with a much leaner silhouette than Tesla's porky SUV and some innovative details and design solutions.

Recent footage from the drag strip also suggests the car is dead fast, beating some stiff competition from Bentley (Bentayga), Ferrari (488 GTB), and Tesla (Model X and Model S, both P100Ds). If that turns out to be the case, Faraday Future's EV has all the rights to claim the title of quickest production vehicle in the world.

The key word there is "production," something this crossover might never eventually see. There are a lot of things going on at Faraday right now, but given the company's secretive attitude, a lot of them are gossip and unverified inside information. What's plain to see is that the construction of the $1 billion factory in Nevada is halted due to late payments, and some of the high-profile figures that had just joined the company this year are beginning to flee.

Faraday Future will show a close to production prototype in January, and hopes it will be good enough to attract the necessary investors to continue the project. We sincerely hope they pull it off, because everything we've seen so far has been promising.

The interior of the car makes no exception. Some might not be too crazy about the dark-toned leather or the equally dark trim on the console, but strictly for teasing purposes, it makes sense to use a color that blends in with the surrounding darkness. Other than that, the cabin seems well sorted out, with the kind of attention to detail you would expect from what will undoubtedly be a very expensive car.

The moment of truth for Faraday Future is just one week away. If you like EVs and would like to see more of them on the streets, it's time to start holding your breath and hope for the best.

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