Extreme High-Speed Stunts Wearing Flip-Flops

So here's another Asian guy showing some really awesome bike stunting skills, but this time all is happening at a rather high speed. On one hand we might say that the speed is really helping him, given the increasingly better stability of a speeding motorcycle.
However, taking a look at him wearing nothing but shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops, we cannot help asking ourselves what would have happened if of of the shoes flew off... Not at all a movie to be posted here, by all means.

We must admire this guy's skills: as reckless and crazy as he is, he shows some riding skills which could make him a star in Europe or the US. Riding backwards and in weird positions, having himself dragged behind the motorcycle or standing on it could really make a nifty bike stunt show. Provided he can do this wearing boots, a helmet and all.


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