Dutch People Are The Happiest Drivers According to a Waze Satisfaction Index

Waze has published its second annual Driver Satisfaction Index, which quantifies the experience of millions of monthly active users to determine which are the worst and best cities to drive through.
Waze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction index 8 photos
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Waze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction indexWaze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction indexWaze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction indexWaze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction indexWaze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction indexWaze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction indexWaze 2nd Annual Driver Satisfaction index
Instead of generating a confusing result with numerous variables, Waze has decided to create a single numeric score, from 1 to 10, to gauge driver satisfaction. The app only focused on countries and metropolitan areas with over 20,000 monthly active users, so that data accuracy and a fair comparison were satisfied.

Therefore, this comparison has analyzed users from 38 countries and 235 metropolitan areas, so that they can provide enough results for the 2016 Waze Driver Satisfaction Index. The scores were given after considering time spent in traffic, as well as five other quantitative and qualitative attributes that define the overall driver experience.

Waze noted these as “Traffic Rating,” “Road Safety Rating,” “Driver Services Rating,” “Quality Rating,” “Socio-Economic Rating,” and “Wazey Rating” to create the final index rating.

The best result in the world was given to The Netherlands, with a 7.43 index score. Next up is France, with 7.42, followed by the United States of America, with 7.22.

The Czech Republic and Sweden complete the top five ranked countries in this year’s Driver Satisfaction Index. The worst rated is El Salvador, followed by the Philippines, Guatemala, Panama, and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the best ranked metropolitan areas for driving are in France, which taxes the first four positions, each with a score of over 8.25. Greensboro, USA, completes the top five concerning metropolitan areas.

Until Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is ranked in the tenth spot, the rest of the cities in the top ten are also from France. The first city that is not in France or the United States of America and is part of this chart is Amsterdam, which is the capital of the Netherlands and was ranked 27th, with a score of 7.54. A Brazilian city, Ronda, ranked 29th, while Belgium’s Charleroi was placed in the 40th position.

According to the same rating, the worst city to drive in 2016 was Cebu, which is in the Philippines, and scored just 1.15 in the Driver Satisfaction Index.

Cities from Indonesia, El Salvador, and Colombia were ranked just above it. Apparently, driving through Medellin, the third largest town in Colombia, is not that satisfying, so that Narcos show must have gotten some facts right.
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