Drunk Woman Totals Hummer H2, Beer Packaging Stays Intact

Cars get into accidents all the time, and the fact that drinking and driving leads to nothing good is a well known fact. So the following piece of news comes as no surprise. A drunk woman got behind the wheel of her Hummer H2 and managed to turn it into a pile of metal.

As weird as it may sound, the woman and her companion escaped with only minor injuries. But wait, there’s more! According to local reports, even the packaging of beer remained intact.

As it turned out, the 28-year-old woman had violated the speed limit. Add that to the fact that she was driving under the influence and the fact that she missed her turn is no longer a surprise. Naturally, the car ran off the road and flipped over.

It happened in the Lithuanian village Kishkenay this past weekend, and the SUV has been brought from the United States just a few days prior to the incident. With an average resale value in the US of around $50,000, this is surely a solid waste, but maybe Lithuanian mechanics will manage to work some of their magic.

Details such as the legal consequence the woman had to face following the crash have not been disclosed, but we guess she’s in for quite a treat... and not a very pleasant one. She’d better enjoy what’s left of that six-pack of beer, as there is zero tolerance for drink driving in Lithuania, and those found over the limit face a fine and possible imprisonment.

According to local laws, the legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers is 0.4 gr/1000cm.
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