Driver Does Unexplainable Maneuver and Causes Crash

Some accidents are easily explainable, while others are the exact opposite. This particular one, probably from Russia, falls into the latter category, as the reasons behind it are not clearly evident. At the start of the video, you will notice a white Ford Focus estate, driving on the outer lane of a six-laned road, and you would not expect that particular driver to be the cause of the accident.
However, he is, and what happens next cannot really be explained in any logical fashion. The Focus driver brakes abruptly, then the car veers left, straight into the path of another car, fitted with a dash-mounted camera. The driver just manages to avoid the Focus (which still clips the other car), yet he is forced to drive in the oncoming lane, with a truck fast approaching.

Thankfully, the driver was able to avoid the truck just in time and get back in the correct lane. The question still remains, though: why did the Focus driver suddenly veer to the left despite the fact that there was no obstacle blocking his path?
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