Drive Asks if the BMW E30 M3 Is Overrated

BMW E30 M3 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Lately it's become a habit to buy old BMWs, restore and sell them for big money. The E30 M3 appreciated around 27% only in 2012 and that is a lot for a car that's been out of production for around 20 years.
However, along with this new craze, people are starting to think that things are getting out of control. That the huge prices people ask for these cars are not justified. Well, we think they're wrong.

Of course, if someone asks for $100,000 for an E30 M3 that's crazy but everyone is free to ask much as they want to, and you're free to turn down their offer. We said 100k for fun but usually, you can find a mint condition E30 M3 at around $40k.

Considering there were only under 6,000 of these M3s sent over the pond to the US and most of them have been driven into the ground up until now, it's no wonder that people regard this car as a rare item.

Furthermore, you're not buying just exclusivity, you're also buying a car that is exciting, fast and can be used on a daily basis with ease. Looking around for a similar vehicle that is so good is a daring exercise since the E30 is hard to beat.

The guys from Drive got some BMW enthusiasts together (Mike Prichinello, Zac Moseley from Classic Car Club Manhattan and Travis from Jalopnik) and discussed wether this new craze about E30s took the price tag a bit too far.

Bear in mind that these guys know what they are talking about and also like BMWs, so their opinion is valuable and can be taken seriously. What they decided? Well, watch the clip and find out.

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