Domino's Wants To Deliver Pizza In Northern Japan With Reindeers This Christmas

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Reindeer carrying Domino's delivery boxReindeer carrying Domino's delivery boxReindeer carrying Domino's delivery boxReindeer carrying Domino's delivery box
Japan is an entirely different place from the rest of the world, and this seems to apply to its delivery services.
After drones and self-driving cars, Domino’s Pizza has announced it wants to deliver its products using reindeer. What appeared to be an early Christmas-related joke turned to reality after Fortune translated a press release from the company’s Japanese division.

Apparently, the statement published on November 17, 2016, wrote that Domino’s is collaborating with reindeer breeders at the Hokkaido Delivery Integrated Research Center.

Their goal is to scramble a team of delivery workers that will carry pizza in freezing conditions, and only in the Northern part of Japan, namely the Hokkaido region.

The representatives of the restaurant franchise updated the release with a mention that wrote that each reindeer would get a “GPS driver tracker,” which will be used to monitor progress in real time.

We must admit that it was unclear to us how reindeer pizza delivery would be applied, but we did find a tweet that had a few pictures that presented the concept.

Instead of pulling a sleigh, the reindeer that will work to help delivery persons in Hokkaido will get a particular latch, which will contribute to carrying an insulated case. The special box will bring the order without risking it to get cold when it reaches its customer.

While it may seem like something nice to get your pizza delivered with a reindeer, it might be considered animal abuse by some people. To some extent, we agree, because the people that get pizza delivered are not at risk of starvation, and using reindeer is a bit over the top.

However, other will argue that this species copes well with extreme temperatures, and other parts of the world have long employed reindeer to pull sleighs, which does not make it fair to the animals.

There is a strong possibility of this announcement being a PR stunt, but it might be too bold even for a large corporation. Others have attempted these “guerrilla marketing schemes,” and not all of them have produced favorable outcomes.

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