Did Rob Kardashian Buy an Aventador?

The Kardashians must have the most gigantic Christmas stocking in the world, because it was filled with some quite big and very expensive cars over the holidays.
Rob Kardashian's Aventador 1 photo
The Kardashian mom got herself a Mercedes G63 AMG super-SUV, just like Kim did a few months ago, and it seems and 25-year-old Robert “Rob” Kardashin bought himself an Aventador.

Now, this matte black Lamorghini Aventador looks the same as as the one owned by Kanye West. However, this one has black or grey brake calipers, which could mean it’s a different car. Lamborghini does offer a handful of colors for the calipers and factory matte black paint (Kanye had his painted by Platinum Motorsports).

In his Instagram photo’s description, Rob K describes the supercar as a “Little late Christmas present to myself...Thanks Rob! You're the best!”

Guess we’ll have to take his word for it. Do the Kardashians have a Chirstmas shopping piggy bank they can tap into?

Story via Celebrity Cars Blog


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