Custom-Built Caresto T6 for Sale on eBay

We have to admit that we have somewhat of a ‘fetish’ for really strange but somewhat elegant cars you find on eBay. Some of these designs that end up going on sale remind us of old collectible stickers that you trade with your kindergarden friends.

The latest custom creation looks like it’s been designed by Chip Foose but wears Volvo badges, and that makes it cool enough to buy in our book. Yet the Caresto T6 R is not the work of Foose Design, but of a man from Leif Tufvesson, who used to work for Volvo and Koeniggsegg. Yet the design is strangely evocative of the Prowler and Chip’s Hemisfear.

The American hot rod industry revolves around old cars like the ‘33 Fords, but in Europe they don’t have anything of the sort. Cars from that era are either to valuable, too rare or just not strong enough to take the modern upgrades.

The Caresto T6 R was actually built from the grown up to take, not a big American V8 block, but Volvo’s turbocharged straight-six from a XC90. Power is sent to the back, of course, via a five-speed Geartronic transmission.

One of the features we like is the polycarbonate roof that gives an airy feel from inside. It has that double-bubble design that the Peugeot RC-Z offers, giving extra headroom and making it that much cooler. As for the body, the lines are simple and elegant, showing clear inspiration from the American models, especially at the back end, where there’s a bevel suggesting there should have been a fender there.

Hot Rod Magazine’s assessment is indicative of the quality of the design, as they called it the "most spectacularly-crafted hot rods to ever grace the pages of this or any other magazine."

At the time of writing, the Caresto T6 R has a bid of only $25,990 on eBay Motors, though the reserve has not been met yet. There’s only about two days left to bid, but we’re confident that some Arab playboy will understand the value of a car that mixes American hot rods with European engines and form.
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