Couple of Recent Spectacular Drag Racing Incidents

Brakes? 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
With the kind of power figures one hears about when talking about drag racing, the general consensus is that it’s a very dangerous form of motorsport, regardless of the fact that the strip itself is straight. Any number of things could happen, most of them involving fire.
However, the first incident in the video features drag bike rider Angie Smith who, during an NHRA moto qualifying run loses all forms of braking and her bike rolls into the field, before she jumps off, as the bike enters a field of tall grass. Luckily, she was OK, despite not being allowed to participate in the race she had actually qualified for.

The second incident involves a more predictable enemy for drag racer: fire. It was the fourth element that posed a real threat, as funny car driver Danny Wilkerson’s burst into flames as he was driving at over 320 km/h (200 mph). Thankfully, the brakes still worked and he was able to bring the car to a halt safely!

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