Completely Avoidable Crash, Not Avoided

Completely Avoidable Crash, Not Avoided 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
This video shows a textbook motorcycle accident: utterly common, yet people, both riders and drivers appear to ignore the very conditions which lead to it.
A car cutting off in front of the bike, always turning left, regardless if it's approaching from the front or the rider is closing in from behind the car. However, it's the rider's ability to spot potential dangers and take precautionary measures to steer clear from these situations. Needless to say this rider simply ignored what was happening in front of him.

For every seasoned rider, brake lights coming alive on a car in front of them is already a safety behavior trigger. The car slows down, so the bike behind it should do so, too. It really doesn't matter what's going on from this point on: turning to either left or right, coming to a complete halt or even shifting into reverse.

Riders should expect anything from the car ahead... and that should be enough to slow down and properly assess the situation, proceed with caution and stay on the safe side. Or drive on like morons and thicken up the statistics. Watch out, ride safe!

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