Colorado Passes Bill To Forbid Rolling Coal, It Needs The Governor's Signature

A bill has been passed that forbids people to modify exhaust equipment in diesel vehicles that result in creating a cloud of black smoke. The proposal was made by Democratic Rep. Joann Ginal of Fort Collins, and her struggle has been going on for the past two legislative sessions.
An example of "rolling coal" 1 photo
The bill was modified several times to clarify the ban, which refers to the intent of harassing others or obscuring their vision with a cloud of smoke from their exhaust.

Previous contesters of the proposal argued that it was complicated to prove intent, but supporters have explained that it is impossible to “roll coal” in a stock vehicle, and illegal modifications are required to enable these actions.

The new addition to the state’s legislation turns “rolling coal” into a class A traffic offense, which is punished with a fine of $100. Other penalties are proposed for those who do the modifications on these vehicles.

Some might argue that a $100 fine is too small for those who manifest this type of antisocial behavior against pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers.

On top of the obstruction of view, the cloud of black smoke is not harmless. Instead, the black part of the smoke comes from soot, which is a harmful pollutant.

Particulates, CO2, and nitrogen oxides are also a part of exhaust gasses, which are intentionally raised in volume and power to produce this demonstration of a person’s low self-esteem applied to a vehicle.

The last step remaining in the road to turn this proposal into action is to get it signed by the state's governor, Colorado Statesman remarks. From there, law enforcement officers will have to keep an eye out for offenders, which will have to be fined.

Hopefully, this practice will become a thing of the past. Remember when people were offended by “truck nuts?” Well, rolling coal is a genuine reason to be outraged, because it also harms the lungs and general health of bystanders.

 Download: A bill that will ban "rolling coal" (PDF)


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