Christmas Wish List

My best friend is a kindergarden teacher. She is a very funny storyteller, she has a gift. All her little stories have a certain charm. I asked her what is the secret and I learned why kids love her. Behind every action, gesture, look or play sits only one thing: joy.

Her idea about education is that every single thing has a lone purpose, and that is a happy childhood. And a happy childhood is depicted as a simple construction, moment by moment, in which everybody continuously tries to discover something. Her children talk about great things, make vegetable soup, build houses, read comic books, count sweets and dance.

We are all enjoying this period in our lives, it seems to be our only purpose. Winter holidays remind us of childhood and we make everything possible to bring the most beautiful things in our lives, we give each other presents and we sing carols announcing the birth of Christ; and if we have children, the story we weave for them is wonderful, full of miracles and wishes come true.

It's Christmas Eve, preparations are under way and Santa is reading the wish lists. It's time we wrote one as well.

Dear Santa,

We know you can make the car we want. We're not waiting for you to give it to us as a present, but we thank you for giving us the opportunity to build one with the help of our minds and souls. She is the car of our dreams:

- she's red like Rudolph's nose, tempting like a Christmas muffin and shiny like the dress of Santa's wife;

- she's agile and slippery; it only takes a moment to drive past and, like the moment itself, she's beautiful;

- she's a winter's dream, with perforated leather trimming on the seat, from which little strings of heat stolen from an oven engulf your body;

- she purrs like a kitten who just returned home, brought in by the smell of meat crying under a blade;

- she's strong through the snow; if your reindeers would catch a cold she could carry you under the moonlight, on the road to the sleeping houses;

- I'm sure you remember it Santa, it's the one I've modeled from clay all those years in kindergarden, except this is the face lift model;

- it has silver large and exact dials, showing precise measurements and looking bright like the stars at night;

- her floor mats are fluffy; if you extend your tired foot a thousand small strings will caress it gently;

- it has white headlights; beams of light puncture through the night, making it a good car to drive through any dream;

- Santa, you'll probably laugh, but it can also transform into a late bus, carrying dozens of people who are heading towards their homes;

- it can't fit through the chimney, but we'll write you anyway since it's an open wish list and you are so understanding;

Thank you and we expect you to have some of the milk and cookies we left you near the Christmas tree.

As I mentioned to Santa, this is an open letter, so I'm inviting you all to add your thoughts about what would the perfect car be like. What car would you want Santa Claus to bring you?


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