Chris Brown's Lambo Impounded for Fingerprints?

Because the alleged altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna on Sunday morning has not yet been clarified, it seems that the cops are investigating the matter by analyzing the fingerprints on the R&B singer's rented Lamborghini, impounded after the incident.

As a matter of fact, this seems to be the reason why they seized Brown's car after the incident was reported, TMZ has learned. Without even thinking about the consequences of his deed, it is believed that Brown abandoned the vehicle right after his fight with Rihanna.

As we already told you yesterday, the silver Lamborghini was rented from an exotic car boutique in LA called Platinum Motorsport. Brown has to pay $2,000 a day for the car and so far we have no information regarding the period the vehicle is kept by the police for investigation.

Now that the story with the “car accident” has proved to be fake, the whole world might turn against Chris Brown for beating one of the most beautiful and talented women of the showbiz. It is not known yet whether Rihanna is going to press charges against her boyfriend or not but as far as we are concerned she should teach the bastard a lesson so that he will never dare to beat a woman in his entire remaining life. More importantly, such a lesson could become an example for women across the world who are confronted with domestic violence as well.

Although there are voices at Hollywood who try to defend Chris Brown using the lame excuse “We are humans, we all do mistakes”, no one in this world will ever be able to come up with a logical reason for such a violent behavior.
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