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Care For Some Car VS Bike Canadian Road Rage?

Although we do not encourage road rage here, this altercation between a Canadian motorcyclist and a car driver looks pretty hilarious. They almost ended up giving life advice at the end.
Canadian road rage 1 photo
We recently stumbled upon this little gem while scouring the Internet, and what at first looks to become a serious fight ends up in funny cussing because, you know, Canada...

As usual, all starts when the rider who is filming all of the action through his helmet-mounted camera spots a Hyundai Elantra driver who is two-finger-buried in his smartphone texting someone.

For someone who almost got swiped out of the road because of such careless driving, it’s enough of a reason to start yelling and tell him to stop doing it and pay attention to the driving part.

But as always, the driver starts pretending nothing happened and starts swearing at the motorcyclist and continue to have a side-by-side argument up until the next stop light.

Then one of them pulls over in a parking lot, and the other follows, leading me thinking this is going to end up in a brawl. On the contrary, the two keep arguing about what the driver did and how stupid and dangerous that is.

At one point, the car driver, who appears to be much older than the rider starts giving him a little preach about how useless his life is because he doesn’t have a job, or kids, and instead rides and masturbates all day.

But enough with the spoilers and watch the clip below. If you want to skip ahead to the interesting part, it starts at around the 2:50 mark. All we can tell you is to stay out of trouble by not yelling at dumb drivers. You don’t know what maniac sits behind the wheel and you should keep in mind that he or she has about two tons of metal at disposal to harm you.


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