Car Art: Winged BMW Made From Tires

Usually, when people think of car art and recycling old materials, you end up with robots, animals an other objects made from the sheetmetal of defunct automobiles. However, you can leave it to the Russians to come up with a new way of mixing old materials in new ways.
BMW Pegasus 1 photo
According to English Russia, this BMW 3-Series lookalike was made from old tires and can be found in the city of Perm.

We can’t really tell if there is indeed a E36 3-Series chassis under there, but it looks lie the headlights was been taken from a E39 5-Series. We also don’t know how many ponies (if any) are left under that hood, but there should be no trouble putting them down where all this rubber hits the road.

In our minds, this black BMW Pegasus is really taking flight in its new shape, as it’s so much more than the sum of its tire parts.


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