Call Your Friends: This Guy Has Four E34 M5s for Sale, but It’s Only a Package Deal

BMW E34 M5 for sale 7 photos
BMW E34 M5BMW E34 M5BMW E34 M5BMW E34 M5BMW E34 M5BMW E34 M5
If you dreamed of owning a BMW E34 M5 at least once since you started driving, this might be your chance to finally own one, especially since the price seems more than decent. That’s if you split it four ways as what you’re about to see is a package deal, and the seller won’t sell the cars individually.
Yes, this is an ad for four BMW E34 M5s, three of them sedans and one in Touring guise. Each of them covers a different production year from 1991 to 1994 and they sure made us wonder how much money is left in the bank account, as they do look mint.

The price tag is set at GBP45,000, or around $70,000 at today’s exchange rates, and it does seem high but when you split if four ways, it becomes a sort of a deal. The kind you get when you buy a six-pack instead of six separate beers. Yes, the comparison is a bit off but the idea behind it still stands.

The man must have his reasons for wanting to part with all of them at once or none at all, but it might be tricky to get one person to buy four cars at once. That’s why you might want to call your friends. Maybe a post on a popular forum might get the results you want and you and three other members could end up driving one of these babies next week.

They are located in the UK, in Hampshire, and the seller claims that all of them are in road-legal condition, with valid MoT, insisting that he oversaw their restorations personally but can’t enjoy them anymore due to his age/illness. That’s a sad story, but it goes to show that enthusiasts stay together, as the man claims he will only sell them to a real fan. Another plus for our forum theory.

There’s a twist, though. Even though it’s not specified, as far as we can tell, the Sedans are all right-hand drive and only the Touring is left-hand drive. To be honest, that’s also the most desirable one, as BMW is no longer offering the M5 in that body guise and it’s also the newest of the bunch, having been built in 1994.

Except for the 1991 model that has a 3.5-liter inline 6-cylinder engine under the hood, the remaining three use the more powerful S38 3.8-liter straight six that animated the M5 later on. Since they are all E34’s, they are also the last M cars to have been hand-built, as BMW migrated to an automated assembly process once the E39 M5 went into production.
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